Truth Is Change!

If it is not proven, then it is not the truth! There are always two sides to what we call true, it is up to us to correctly inform ourselves so that we can implement real change. Once we are given the truth, we are empowered. And once we are empowered, we can finally have an objective perspective regarding any issue put forward by our politicians. Inform yourselves and inform others, it’s the only way to brake the shackles of lies and false promises. If you want to make a real difference, then you need to be equipped with the real truth!

The Truth Is The Answer!

The truth shall set us free, always! Politicians will always try to sell their policies by catering to one of our most fundamental principles: our search for the truth. They will try to wrap their ideas in nice packaging, hoping that we will fall for their tricks. Populism will always work on individuals that are either misguided or downright fooled by the politicians, that’s why we have to remain vigilant at all times. In order to avoid the mistakes of the past, we need to permanently stay informed!

The Truth Is Not Always As It Seems!

The truth is not always as it seems, always be vigilant! In a time when all the information that we get is oversaturated, truth is more important than ever. Having a reliable news source is thus not only important, but vital to any society! Be vigilant, keep your eyes always opened and always check your sources!

Truth Is Reason!

In politics, lies are sometimes disguised as absolute truth. This can not only harm us on an individual level, but it can also affect our country as a whole. Awareness becomes central to our ability to understand the world around us and emotions play a huge factor in this – that is why we need to stay rational and make decisions based on facts, not feelings!

Believe in Thailand!

We have been through a lot as a country, but now we need unity more than ever! Band together, help each other, believe in Thailand!

A Voice And A Standing Ground!

Always be careful when put into the position to accept money from a politician. You never know when you will eventually regret it.. Be humble, and be smart!

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