About Us

Thai Truth is a community formed by fact-checkers, activists and people who believe the truth is the ultimate way to move the country forward. Here are the people who don’t get fooled by the way the political reality is thrown into their faces. 

By checking the online news, gossips and opinions, Thai Truth website is a source of information that aims to make citizens more aware of how political twists and manipulation can affect their lives. We believe that reality has many faces and it’s time for someone to balance the false facts with the truth facts. We don’t claim we hold the supreme truth, but we do believe that we can provide a clearer sky on Thai politics. 

We are always interested in new information, which helps us expand our horizons and we count on your help to do so. Please check the sections where you can upload your information and be a watchdog for Thai politics! Join us in making the difference we both want to see!

Thai Truth